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Regarding B12 pills not being absorbed from the stomach. I have a friend who is a district health nurse, and her department gets all the people newly diagnosed with B12 depletion. They start by giving methylcobalamin shots weekly, and then the person switches to oral. They also have all the latest research on B12, and supposedly if you give very large amounts by mouth then it will be absorbed. She said that large amounts by mouth are better absorbed than the sub-lingual type..but I have to confess that i am sticking to sub-lingual.

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Marlene Penticost Harrietha says

Dear Chris: I am desperate for your expertise on B12 deficiency. I am 59 years old and at the age of 35 my Dr. Told me I was very low on b12, I wasn’t told I was b12 deficient, I changed Dr’s and did not take my medical records. The doctor I have now had tested my levels, they were 222, this was about 7 years ago. She told me my levels were fine and I have been experiencing many symptoms for all these years. The symptoms I have been experiencing are, insomnia, lack of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, depression, memory loss, panic attacks, I have colitis, vitiligo and the last visit with my Dr. She said that my levels should be at least 300, and to take the b12 pills. I took them for about 3 years with no success, she doesn’t believe in giving the shots. I have very little energy and I am so sick of feeling this way for all of these years. I spoke to many of pharmacist that told me that usually shots are given to bring up your levels then the pills will work. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me, I am so sick of feeling terrible! I’m afraid that I have a lot of damage because of the length of time this has been going on. Please, please reply, it would me the world to me. Thank you, any info would help, I am feeling so defeated, and you cannot get another doctor in my area. Thanks again


Oh my word you poor thing! Many people here know a lot more about this than I do, so hopefully they will chime in, but just to give you more info, here is what I think:

1 – Read Chris’ articles, here’s another: http://chriskresser.com/what-everyone-especially-vegetarians-should-know-about-b12-deficiency

2 – Here’s Freddd’s protocol, lots of good info: Borsa Embossed Pu Blu Womens Handbag Blau Blue 28 x 42 17 cm wxhxd Love Moschino Borsa Embossed Pu Blu 1o8tYlb

3 – Check out the book Chris recommends on Amazon: “Could it Be B12?” by Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart. There isn’t a particular protocol in this, but there is a good check list on P. 189-193 to self-diagnose and the book is full of info. even if you don’t have a decent doctor at the moment.

4 – Then write up a protocol that seems good to you, for your own body and situation using Freddd’s guidelines. He gives wonderful info that is not anywhere else, just at least read that one page I linked in #2 above.

You can get spray on oils for B12 deficiency and use them instead of the sublingual tablets. You spray on your skin and rub in. Here’s the product page: Sneakers for Women On Sale White Eco Leather 2017 25 35 55 75 Stella McCartney 2017 Eco Leather IQXVRTVSz

You can also get spray sublingual methylcobalamin at a dose of 500mcg per single spray. This is what I’m using but I need a lot, and more cofactors that I am learning about from both Chris and Freddd (Thank you both!). I get mine from http://www.vitacost.com/ Just type B12 into the search bar and then look for Pure Advantage brand. Yes I can actually feel a positive difference when I use it, but it is slight. (Perhaps I am not using enough? Perhaps I need more cofactors that I am unaware of?)

I do believe that injections are the best way to go in the beginning, but I went to an ND who still didn’t believe my symptoms, written down and told to her, with me standing in front of her, because the MCV was in range. She is blind in one eye, can’t see out of the other! I got precisely one injection and felt like a new person for 1.5 days, then no more. Bummer. The spray I use is nowhere near as good as that was, so the search continues…

Try to find another doctor, preferably an orthomolecular MD/DO or a holistic MD/DO or a naturopath (ND) that actually believes there is such a thing as B12 deficiency. Use google to search. You may be able to find someone to help you that will do it online or long distance. It may be worth it to travel once just to get started, and then continue on your own.

Best Wishes!

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You can build Bazel from source without using an existing Bazel binary.

1. Install the prerequisites

Ensure you have installed:

zip, unzip

C++ build toolchain

JDK 8. You must install version 8 of the JDK. Versions other than 8 are not supported.

JDK 8.

Python . Versions 2 and 3 are supported.


For example on Ubuntu Linux you can install these requirements using the following command:

MSYS2 shell

The required MSYS2 packages. Run the following command in the MSYS2 shell:

The required MSYS2 packages.

The Visual C++ compiler. Install the Visual C++ compiler either as part of Visual Studio 2015 or newer, or by installing the latest Stetson Jacks Statesman Leathertrimmed Felt Hat Kingsman lb5BytHBij

The Visual C++ compiler.

Python . Versions 2 and 3 are supported. You must install the Windows-native version (downloadable from Tommy x Gigi logo leggings Blue Tommy Hilfiger v3uLaKS6nV
). Versions installed via pacman in MSYS2 will not work.

Download bazel-<version>-dist.zip from the release page .

Note: There is a single, architecture-independent distribution archive. There are no architecture-specific or OS-specific distribution archives.

single, architecture-independent

We recommend to also verify the signature made by our release key 48457EE0.

The distribution archive contains generated files in addition to the versioned sources, so this step cannot be short cut by checking out the source tree.

On Unix-like systems such as Ubuntu Linux or macOS, do the following:

Open a shell or Terminal window.

Change into the directory where you unpacked the distribution archive.

Run the compilation script: bash ./compile.sh .

The compiled output is placed into output/bazel . This is a self-contained Bazel binary, without an embedded JDK. You can copy it to a directory in the PATH variable (such as /usr/local/bin on Linux) or use it in-place.

Open the MSYS2 shell.

Set the following environment variables:

BAZEL_SH : Set to the path of the MSYS2 bash.exe .

Do not set this to C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe . (You have that file if you installed Windows Subsystem for Linux.) Bazel does not support this version of bash.exe .

PATH : Add the Python directory.

JAVA_HOME : Set to the JDK directory.

For example (using BAZEL_V S ):

or (using BAZEL_V C ):

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The property in CSS allows you to move a background image (or gradient) around within its container.

It has three different types of values:

The default values are 0 0. This places your background image at the top left of the container.

Length values are pretty simple: the first value is the horizontal position, second value is the vertical position. So will move the image 100px to the right and five pixels down. You can set length values in , , or any of the other CSS length values.

Percentages work a little differently. Get your math hats out: moving a background image by X% means it will align the X% point in the image to the X% point in the container. For example, means it will align the middle of the image with the middle of the container. means it will align the last pixel of the image with the last pixel of the container, and so on.

Keywords are just shortcuts for percentages. It's easier to remember and write than , and that's why keywords are a thing. Here is a list of all five keywords and their equivalent values:

It's interesting to note that it doesn't matter what order you use for the keywords: is the same as . You can only do this if you're using keywords, though. is not the same as .

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This demo shows examples of set with length units, percentages, and keywords.

# Declaring Values

You can give up to four values in modern browsers (see the Schutz Woman Corrio Eyeletembellished Leather Platform Sandals Neutral Size 75 Schutz ryBIZ
table for details).

If you declare one value , that value is the horizontal offset. The browser sets the vertical offset to .

When you declare two values , the first value is the horizontal offset and the second value is the vertical offset.

Things get a little trickier when you start using three or four values, but you also get more control over your background placement.

A three- or four-value syntax alternates between keywords and length or percentage units. You can use any of the keyword values in a three- or four-value declaration.

When you specify three values , the browser interpets the "missing" fourth value as 0. Here's an example of a three-value :

This positions the background image 45px from the right and 0px from the bottom of the container.

Here's an example of a four-value :

This puts the background image 45px from the right and 20px from the bottom of the container.

Notice the order of the values in the examples above: keywords followed by length units. A three- or four-value must follow that format, with a keyword preceding a length or percentage unit.

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This demo includes examples of one value, two value, three value, and four value .

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More Resources

# Browser Support

The basic values are supported everywhere. The four-value syntax has this support:

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